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Blackcreek have been carving out a reputation as one of South East Queensland’s finest rock bands. They came to life in 2016, drawing from the members’ shared love for all things “bluesy, groovy, thick n’ juicy”.

Their self-published debut EP ‘Bad Attitude’ was well received locally and abroad. It’s been described as a mix of swampy blues-rock blended with modern blues and classic rock.

In addition to 2019’s release of a full length raw live album, the band has also delivered a 7 track live demo “The Lllama Sessions” and of course numerous gigs – from their own headline shows to support for interstate touring artists to major fundraisers such as BlazeAid.

Collectively the band has gigged parts of Australia, the UK and the US. From cozy little dives to large open air concerts and festivals, the guys have delivered the goods time and time again.

Radio Station Air Play

  • QLD
    • 94.1FM Gold Coast, 4ZZZ, 99.7 Bridge FM
  • NSW
    • 2PSR, 2SSR, 2VOX
  • VIC
    • 3RPP, 3WBC, HOTFM 106.7FM, SMART FM 99.1FM, VIC-979FM, ALPINE RADIO 96.5 FM, 3WBC
  • SA
  • TAS
    • CITY PARK RADIO 103.7FM, 97.1 FM MID
  • WA
    • KCR FM 102.5

Quick Facts

  • From
  • Genre
    • Rock
  • Recommended If You Like
    • Aerosmith, Stone Temple Pilots, Supersonic Blues Machine


A big confident rock groove with some tender emotive vocals and nice hard hitting rock riffs that channel classics of the genre well.

We All Want Someone To Shout For

I'm digging the authentic old school rock sound - it's a kickass vibe. the singer has a cool voice, the guitar riffs are tight, solid instrumentation. kudos for the groovy bass line in the bridge!

Ben - CatchyTwentyTwo

Great sounding! Really catchy instrumental rhythms all along the track! Warm vocals also fit in great in the composition!

Black Raven

The first thing that caught my attention is the very energetic and edgy-dynamic vocals and it compliments with the very powerful and soaring-rocking guitar and drums in the air...

Music Lover

High-energy guitar riffs and chugging percussion touting a commanding rock feel.

Obscure Sound

The great powerful vocals complimented the unrelenting instrumental really well, delivering a hooking and intense soundscape to make for a great head-bobbing listen...


Appealing vocals over a raucous instrumentation full of killer guitar riffs, sonic intensity and nineties reminiscences, with upbeat lyricism and anthemic vibes...

César Alonso of Velvety

A confident bluesy inspired garage rocker. A lot of classic rock influence felt here....

We All Want Someone To Shout For

Wow, that was like listening to a Sons Of Anarchy soundtrack

Son of Johan

Wayne Gibbons

The Band

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